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Over the August 3, 2016 Municipal Election period, an innovative digital marketing campaign was undertaken by Trudon. This campaign was targeted at over 1000 voting stations nationally. Here, Trudon proudly offered consumers waiting to cast their vote free Wi-Fi to browse the Internet, via the SmartYellow app. Local businesses were exposed to voters through use of the app.

The digital exposure campaign was offered to a significant number of Trudon customers. Customers were given the option to opt in or opt out of the campaign offer. This is a standard and accepted practice in South Africa and did not contravene any marketing codes. However, it has subsequently come to light that customers who did not respond to the campaign whatsoever were processed as though they had “opted in”. Quite rightly, this is highly unacceptable and Trudon acknowledges without reservation or hesitation that the fault lies with us completely. Our loyal and highly valued customers should therefore not be charged for something they did not request under any circumstances.

As a result, Trudon has credited a full refund to all affected customers. This will be effective on the November 2016 billing that is sent via Telkom accounts.

We would like to apologise for the unwarranted inconvenience that we have caused our loyal customers. Please be assured that we accept full responsibility for our error and will be working as diligently as possible to provide all customers with the service and attention they rightly deserve.

Please direct any billing queries on this matter to  or call 0860 935 569, where our Customer Care team will assist you.

Trudon enlightens SMEs at its 2016 Digi Conference

TUESDAY 17 May 2016 marked a groundbreaking day for Trudon as we launched the 2016 Trudon Digi Conference at the lavish Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Aimed at empowering and enlightening Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) about the latest digital trends, the event was attended by more than 150 of our core customers.

The MD of Trudon, Thabo Seopa, hailed this conference as another step towards the organisation promoting a culture of customer-centricity. “Our SMEs will today be enlightened by forthcoming online trends,” he said as he was introducing the delegates.

Joining Trudon’s GM of Sales, Wayne Bischoff and Trudon’s Leads Machine’s GM, Will Smith, we were honoured to also have international speakers who work for extremely prominent global brands. “Please join me in introducing Aidan Baigrie – a Client Partner of Facebook sub-Saharan Africa and Eli Liberman, Google’s Head of Channel Sales for the Middle East and Africa regions,” Seopa expressed.

During the 2016 Trudon Digi Conference, Trudon’s customers had firsthand experience of the most significant digital business developments happening now. They also had  engaged directly with Google and Facebook professionals and received tips on how to make a guaranteed mark for their businesses in the online space.

Facebook Africa’s Baigrie warned the SMEs to watch out for clicks. He said that African companies are to move away from measuring their company’s success by looking at the number of clicks, likes, fans and comments on their company Facebook pages.

He added that research shows that clicks are behavioral and that there is no correlation between the people who click and those who buy a product online.

According to Baigrie, geo-targeting is on the increase on Facebook and companies are advised to move towards this trend. Using geo-targeting adverts on Facebook will allow local businesses to reach target audiences nearest to them – even as close as a kilometer away.

Google’s Liberman highlighted the fact that users are changing in terms of their search behaviour.

  • Search is becoming more complex. The user is now asking the questions: Why, What and How when searching on Google. “Searches for Why are growing 1.5 times as fast as for What,” he said adding that searches for How to increased three times in the last three years.
  • Search is also becoming more conversational. Mobile voice, an emerging technology that combines mobile and voice recognition, is on the rise especially amongst the younger market. Mobile voice searches have more than doubled in the past year explained Liberman. This new trend in search (mobile voice) allows users to talk to their mobile devices, be understood by the device, and accomplish tasks.
  • Liberman added that “We don’t go online. We live online”. Search is now becoming more “in the moment” and people are accessing their desktops, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets such as iWatches – more than 150 times per day.
  • Mobile is transforming SMEs. 82% of smartphones users go online to search for a local business. SMEs should therefore test whether their company website is mobile friendly,” concluded Liberman.

To get a visual idea of just how Trudon services the customers, please take a look at our appealing video here.

Trudon: It’s Our Business to Grow Your Business

The event wrapped up with a lucky draw where one Trudon customer, Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services, walked away with an additional Trudon advertising solution package to the value of R10 000.

Scam emails

As is the case at any large and reputable company, we at Trudon are targeted from time-to-time by phishing and email scams. It has come to our attention that there is currently a scam being aimed at our clients. The scamster approaches our customers by drafting them an email, posing either as a Yellow Pages ‘editor’ or as one of our sales team. Our customers are then either encouraged to sign up for Trudon marketing solutions or to take out advertising space in the next print run of Yellow Pages. A Yellow Pages Gmail address is used as the point of contact to get the unsuspecting client to engage with them. Please note that neither Trudon nor Yellow Pages make any use of Gmail addresses for any of our communication

Although it does seem that the scamster has studied how the Yellow Pages and Trudon communicate with customers, including the brand tones, slogans and payoff lines, the email being distributed does contain numerous spelling and grammatical errors – these being telltale signs that the email is indeed a scam and an attempt to secure your private information and banking details. We therefore urge you not to provide any personal details should you receive this mail. Should you have any further queries please contact us via

PR statement

Trudon (Pty) Ltd is brand owner and publisher of the Yellow Pages, Phone Book, Internet Yellow Pages, Yellow Pages Mobile (incl App) and The Talking Yellow Pages and is the largest supplier of directional information to South African users (look ups).

We print and distribute more than 6,1 million directories annually and produce in excess of 236 million business referrals.

All our advertisers have access to our trained consultants who also assist them with the planning of their advertising campaigns.

Over the years, many of our advertisers have been approached by individuals calling themselves Yellow Pages or Directory Consultants when they are actually not.

These individuals are, in actual fact, independent consultants who try to persuade you to reduce your Yellow or White Pages costs by advertising with them. For their “services”, they charge you a percentage of the amount they have reduced your advertising by. This is a decision, when using our services, you can make free of charge. Please be aware that when you write a cheque to these directory consultants you are not saving any money. In fact, what you are effectively doing is decreasing your exposure which puts you at risk of potentially losing business.

Other independent consultants are contacting clients and charging a flat fee for “updating your entries in the White Pages”. Their message to customers is often confusing and creates the impression that they are approaching you on our behalf or at our request. They often don’t have correct details and/or pricing structures. They give misleading information.

We, as Trudon, are in no way affiliated to these consultants. We deal with all our customers directly – either telephonically or face-to-face.

Trudon’s trained consultants are the only people that can update your entries in our directories and you will have to pay Trudon for the advertising – no other company. We do not use other companies to update your information. We update your entries without charging extra flat fees. We encourage you to save money by dealing with us directly and not with any “middle man”.

We acknowledge that in recent years there have been a number of directory competitors who have brought out publications in direct competition to us. Competition is healthy for our industry. But while these other directories are available for you to use, most do not enjoy the high usage, heritage and proven acceptance that Yellow Pages has.

Our products have proven beyond doubt that they are cost effective and give you, the advertiser guaranteed return on your investment.

Please note that the following businesses are not affiliated or associated with Trudon and are not authorised to contact customers on our behalf:

Access Advertising CC Directory Solutions CC
ADS 4 Africa Directory Requirements
Boss Directories Effective Enquiries CC
Corporate Call Centre Online Yellowpages
Corporate Classifieds Countrywide Pro Adz
Crystal Consultancy Professional Directory Placements CC
Directory Consultants CC SA Commercial Guide
Directory Holdings South African Directory Company (Pty) Ltd
Directory Info The Business Pages
Africa Advertising CC KwaZulu-Natal Yellow Pages
ADL Yellow Pages Directories Services

For more information or clarity regarding any of these matters, please call your local Trudon consultant or Trudon Customer Care Line 0860 YELLOW (086 093 5569).