Call Tracker powered by (AdMeter)

See how many calls were made from your adverts. Find out how many calls were made, how many were missed, from what numbers they came and how many were answered. AdMeter even allows you to listen to the calls that were answered.

AdMeter is a solution that tracks the number of telephone responses from the Trudon advertisements placed (on and offline) and provides this information in real-time on a web-based dashboard.

Features and benefits of Call Tracker (AdMeter)?

  • With a real-time tracking tool that stores all the response data, you can get a true understanding of what advertising works and optimise your media planning and buying strategy accordingly. As a result, it minimises any wasted advertising spend.
  • AdMeter also provides tools to ensure a business never loses a lead again.
  • AdMeter captures the telephone number of anyone trying to contact your business when the phone is engaged or unanswered.
  • AdMeter will automatically send an email/sms detailing the caller’s telephone number, the advertisement they were responding to, and the date and time of their call.
  • AdMeter also provides the ability to record telephone calls. The customer decides which of your AdMeter numbers has call recording enabled. Once activated, all calls coming through these numbers will be intercepted at the beginning of the call and a message will be played to the caller saying ‘These calls will be recorded for training and quality purposes.’
  • Call recording assists with training staff and quality assurance.
  • Each recording is accessed via the AdMeter web dashboard.
  • AdMeter also provides a host of SMS features…
SMS Alert
These are SMS’s sent to clients to notify them that they have missed a call and includes the caller’s telephone number.
Smart Solutions
These are SMS’s sent to individuals who tried to call an AdMeter number and our client’s phones were engaged or unanswered.

How does Call Tracker (AdMeter) work?

You will be allocated a unique local or non-geographic (087) number
  • Telephone number to suit your advertising requirements.
  • You advise Trudon what telephone number or extension you want the calls transferred to. This transfer is seamless and immediate.
  • Prior to publication of your advert, AdMeter will provide training telephonically on how to use the dashboard and supply you with your own personal log in details.
  • Once the advert is published, you can log into the AdMeter web-based dashboard to see how your adverts are performing in real-time.

Who can benefit from Call Tracker (AdMeter)?

  • Advertisers who do not know which advertisements are generating the most leads

  • Advertisers using a variety of media channels and titles

  • Advertisers that have difficult communication channels to evaluate

  • Advertisers who are missing opportunities because callers cannot get through

  • Advertisers whose contact centres are not open 24/7

  • Advertisers who want to improve their CRM process