Why it makes sense for your SMB to list with us

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With all the advertising options available it is becoming increasingly difficult for SMB owners to figure out where to put their money.

Sure you can build a website, pop it on the Internet and wait to be found, but that’s pretty much like trying to find a hay-coloured needle in a haystack.

You see for all the good it does, the Internet lacks one thing.


Sure you can type in the words ‘Plumber in Kenilworth’ and within seconds you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of results. But how many of those will be for plumbers that are relevant to you and live and work in Kenilworth, Cape Town South Africa?

That is the one thing that gives advertising in the Yellow Pages an advantage over Internet search engines.

Local relevance.

The Yellow Pages is South Africa’s biggest business and services directory and exists in various formats to make it accessible to every South African, regardless of location or economic standing.

Built around a positioning of ‘Local, reliable results,’ the Yellow Pages aims to provide users with the most relevant results to their queries.

This means that when you advertise with the Yellow Pages the people who are looking for your services, in your area, will see your business.

You can also customise your advertising to reach a specific target market or demographic.

The Yellow Pages has been South Africa’s leading business directory for over 50 years and by adding several new platforms to the offering it is the one resource that no SMB should be without.