What is the difference between a website and a mini-site?

10_Website vs minisite

A mini-site is like a smaller website. They are usually used by small new businesses just to have a presence on the web and can be quite effective.Oftentimes businesses delay launching their first website because they know the money, time, and energy investment will be significant.

These delays are completely understandable—especially when you consider one of the biggest problems businesses run into after starting a website is the frustration, and delays of the amount of time/energy required to create an effective business website and then constantly needing to update and maintain it. In this sense a mini-site can be a viable and valuable alternative. A mini-site only has to be a couple of pages big, and can relay only the most important information about your company.

It can also act as a stepping-stone toward a larger website in the future. More importantly though, when done right, it tackles the core challenge that businesses without sites are facing—potential customers assuming they’re either extremely behind the times or not at all legitimate.

Plus, mini-sites can be launched with comparatively small commitments of money, time, and energy. It also allows business to ‘test the digital waters’ before committing to a full web experience.