How to: develop a social marketing campaign

social marketing campaign

Written by: Johann Barnard

Facebook likes. Retweets on Twitter. Instagram followers. YouTube videos: wherever you look, the world appears to be dominated by social media. And in many ways it is, which presents an opportunity for small business owners who wish to market their business on these platforms.

The upside is that social media is definitely a viable way to reach out to customers. The downside is that doing so successfully requires more than simply posting updates to your Facebook page.

Although Facebook is far from the only social media platform, it is certainly the most popular in South Africa with an estimated 10 million active users. This presents a huge opportunity for small businesses that wish to experiment with social media marketing.

Fortunately, Facebook has developed a number of guidelines for businesses to get them onto the right footing.

It has created a number of online guides that walk you through the process: from understanding the basic concepts through to creating an advertisement and measuring the results.

This Learn how to succeed with Facebook page is a great place to get started with these basic concepts.

The video tutorials on Facebook Page Basics run through the steps needed to set up and administer your page, build an audience, growing your reach and how to create more effective posts.

Once you’ve mastered the beginner steps to setting up and managing your page, you can then start promoting it using Facebook adverts. These tutorials cover all you need to know about the costs involved, how to create and target your advertisements.

One of the most powerful aspects of social media marketing is that you’re able to get direct and immediate feedback on how successful your marketing efforts are at reaching your intended audience.

Facebook has a number of measurement tools, which are explained in these tutorials. You will learn how to gain valuable insights into the number of page ‘likes’, how many (and which) people you have reached, how your posts and adverts are performing and how to improve your reach.

Facebook has taken its online tutorials a step further with 34 modules that delve deeper into gaining more value from your Facebook marketing efforts.

And while these lessons are focused on the Facebook platform, they provide valuable insights into how you can use this and other social media services to reach your audience online.