The telephone and the importance of an operator assisted business directory


Telephones have changed dramatically since Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the first one on March 10, 1876.

We’ve gone from candlestick phones to rotary phones to push button phones. We had car phones and cordless phones that eventually paved the way for the mobile phones of today. We went through the ‘let’s make them as small as possible’ phase and the ‘let’s make the screen as big as possible’ phase. Keyboards, touchscreens, voice commands, cameras – you name it, we’ve seen it happen in the evolution of the phone.

The only thing that has remained consistent through the years is our physical need to have a phone. First in our homes and now in our pocket, the need to be constantly connected is strong and there are currently close to 60 million cellphones in South Africa.

And you can have access to this very big demographic by listing your business with our 10-11-8 service.

With cellphones ranging from smartphones to very basic handsets, a service like 10-11-8 bridges social issues like illiteracy as well as poverty, by providing a free phone service to help consumers find relevant businesses and services.

Used in conjunction with our many other offerings, 10-11-8 is just another way of making sure that your business is instantly accessible to anyone in South Africa.