Yellow Pages want you to recycle your outdated print directories

Recycle Your Old Print Directories is a public education campaign that lets users know that old directories can and should be recycled. The programme aims to recycle outdated and extra phone books. The goal is to keep outdated phone books from ending up in the local landfill and to increase awareness about recycling in South Africa.

The initiative includes a Yellow Pages recycle logo displayed on the Front Cover of every directory (Phone Book and Yellow Pages) edition and a section in the book about FAQs on recycling old directories to reinforce the message that directories are recyclable.

We also cater for our online users and recently launched a recycling page on Looking for a recycling agent in your area, simply visit

School Challenge: Yellow Pages Directory Recycling Drive

To promote and encourage the recycling of old directories at an early age, Trudon has challenged local primary schools to collect and recycle old directories. Trudon has partnered with Mpact Recycling on a recycling programme to recycle old print directories to get them out of circulation.

A nationwide recycling programme at primary schools commenced in May in Johannesburg West Rand and will be rolled out in provinces Trudon distribute and deliver its directories. Schools are challenged to collect as many old directories and bring them to their respective schools for recycling. The collection campaign runs two weeks prior to the distribution of the 2012/2013 directory.

“Primary schools in the areas where Trudon distribute books are targeted to participate on the programme as they are keen on recycling programmes. We have identified 10 regions (based on the areas the most books are distributed) where we will roll out the recycling programme at primary schools: says Clarissa Smith, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Manager at Trudon.

Mpact will assist in supplying Trudon with the necessary data for the schools and assist on the planning and implementation of the programme at schools. Mpact will also provide the necessary collection equipment (bins and bags) to the schools for the collection of the books.

Smith adds, “The local primary students will not only have the opportunity to recycle outdated phone books but also have the chance to win resources for their respective school as a result of these collection efforts.”

Trudon CSI has awarded an amount of R100 000, 00 towards the national recycling drive at schools. The school that collects the highest tonnage of old directories will win resources to the value of R10 000, 00 towards the needs of the school.

All participating schools will also be rewarded with trees to plant in and around their schools and will also receive print paper for their school from Mpact Recycling.

How to recycle your old print directory

  • Check your local phone book for recycling information, usually in the front or back
  • If kurbside recycling is offered in your community, you will likely have the ability to recycle Yellow Pages directories by putting them in your kurbside bin/bag
  • If kurbside recycling is not an option, visit for recycling information and a recycling agent in your area

Contact the Yellow Pages distribution office via email: for phone book recycling drop-off locations.

Issued by: Trudon Marketing