Yellow Pages goes digital

Internet Yellow Pages.

After extensive analysis of international trends, expert advice and user feedback from business owners, Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) produced a clean contemporary site with great functionality. Chris Deeks, GM: On-line and Search for Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) said, “Now we can proudly say that the Internet Yellow Pages is on the forefront of digital commercial search. Our newly refreshed Yellow Pages Internet site now offers a better search experience, greater personalisation with detailed and accurate information. These changes simply mean that our advertisers have better opportunities to be found by potential users searching on our new site.”¬†

Over the past few months, new online products were introduced to assist Trudon advertisers in improving their visibility in the online space.

A new product called Mysites was launched, which is a customisable website within¬†, giving advertisers high quality web presence with traffic at an affordable price. “A distinctive feature of Mysites is that advertisers enjoy the services of our SEO expertise, ensuring that their websites are optimised to rank better on leading search engines,” said Lionel Smith, GM: Marketing for Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages).

Another product that was introduced is called Shop Views, which assists advertisers in improve the quality of their internet adverts.


In line with the rapid growth of cell phone usage in South Africa, the Yellow Pages is now accessible via mobile. In total there, has been over 50 000 downloads of Yellow Pages mobile application from various application stores (i.e. Apple, Nokia, Blackberry and Android) since it was launched in May this year.

With this Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) launched a mobi sites product for the advertisers. Mobi sites are customised for individual advertisers and are designed specifically for accessing online information on a mobile device. Mobi sites complement advertiser’s websites and provide a better browsing experience for cell phone users.

Yellow Pages (Print)

The Yellow Pages book has also gone digital. Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) have launched QR (Quick Response) codes, enabling advertisers to link print ads to their website. This allows potential users searching for suppliers and products in the directory to access additional information from advertiser’s websites.

Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) is completely committed to ensuring that all Yellow Pages advertisers receive the absolute best value for their advertising investments and will continue to innovate in this regard.