Yellow Pages continues to deliver Local Reliable Results

So, although the Yellow Pages have already been on the world wide web for more than three decades, Trudon (publishers of the Yellow Pages) are proud to announce that the improved Yellow Pages website (Internet Yellow Pages) is live. Boasting a brand new look and feel, recent improvements to the site will allow users to differentiate between name, need and Point of Interest (POI) searches, with each offering its own unique search experience. The brand new search functionality has been enhanced with comprehensive and accurate autocomplete and full taxonomy integration for ease of use. The autocomplete search enables the user to search a large range of keyword classifications, in other words, it autocompletes company names, keywords and classifications therefore minimising spelling errors and failed searches, delivering the user a whole new and smoother experience.

An additional benefit of the newest version of the Internet Yellow Pages is that the name search results comprise richer and more in-depth content on the business. The content includes branches, services offered by the listed business and user reviews. The need search is embedded with taxonomy-based categories and the Point of Interest search relays results of businesses within and around the place of interest. The technology behind the new intelligent database produces more relevant results for the user and the Yellow Pages’ state of the art intuitive search function allows for quicker and more accurate results.

Added functionality includes the creation of ones own unique profile as a client or user, and registration for this is easy. Once logged in, the user can store preferred supplier lists, rate businesses and services and have access to their complete search history with direct access to their favourite searches. Elements such as reviews, recommends, favourites and notes have also been incorporated. Users can now view, like and share what others users have to say about a company, whether it be good or bad. This allows the user to make informed decisions about a supplier using what other users have to say about their experience of the company. This also helps the supplier keep abreast of how well their business is doing and where they may need to improve.

With the latest version of the Internet Yellow Pages, users are spoiled for even more choice. The format users prefer to display their search result is entirely up to them whether it be as a list, grid or a map. What’s more, for those on the move, the same elements of the Internet Yellow Pages are available on the mobile offering. The responsive design automatically resizes the page to suit your respective mobile device whether it is a smart phone of a tablet.

Thabo Seopa, Managing Director of Trudon commented, “We are extremely proud of our recently launched latest version of the Internet Yellow Pages. We pride ourselves on being a South African company that delivers the best local commercial search in South Africa and feel that this latest version of the Yellow Pages delivers on the promise of Local Reliable Results.” Understanding the local South African business is Yellow Pages’ strength, having been the dominant publisher of local commercial search and the advertising provider of choice to more than 127 000 companies for more than 30 years. The launch of the latest version of the Internet Yellow Pages delivers not only a more aesthetically pleasing site, but also massively refined search functionality making the search experience more intuitive and accurate, which ensures that the Yellow Pages continue to deliver the most relevant results for their users. Don’t take our word for it; why not test out the new Yellow Pages site ( for your next search.

Issued by Trudon Marketing