Trudon partners with Paarl Media

Here are some of the benefits of this new partnership:

  • The White Pages used to be printed on a cold-set press and the Yellow Pages on a heat-set press. The good news is that now both directories will be printed on the technologically advanced Cerutti Rotogravure Publication Aurora press. This is the second press of its kind in the world and it is South Africa’s fastest press.
  • The independent frequency controlled motors of the Cerutti Rotogravure Aurora press, together with the newest generation register control, ensure that the text and images are as sharp as can be. The modern electrostatic assist and the new-generation ink viscosity (thickness) control system result in phenomenal colour quality.
  • Our directories will be printed on 36 gsm Super Calendar A-Grade imported paper with a polished surface to give it that high-end, glossy look.
  • High quality is ensured by Paarl Media’s ISO 9001 quality control accreditation.
  • With the full colour printing, we can sell full colour banners, bold logos, display adverts and the likes. The sky is the limit.
  • Additional features like tip-ons and ad-ons can now also be inserted in the books.
  • The enormous improvement is obvious when one looks at the Port Elizabeth and East London directories which were both printed on the trendy Cerutti Rotogravure.
  • The PE 2013 book was the first book to be printed by Paarl Media and Trudon has already received congratulatory messages from users commending us on the quality of the directory with some describing it “as the best they have seen in years”.

Issue by Trudon Marketing