Trudon Launches Trudon Business


As publisher of the Yellow Pages, and avid supporter of small business in South Africa, Trudon is proud to introduce its new Trudon Business website.

Trudon Business is an exclusive, business focused website where South African business owners can interact with fellow entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights from industry leaders, stay abreast of local and international market trends and learn all about our unique Trudon product offerings.

Up to now Trudon has made great strides in delivering products to help businesses grow in the following areas:


To have a prominent and accessible presence on the web, and other forms of widely used digital media, Trudon has developed a wide range of web-based solutions that are designed for the needs of your brand and your budget.

Some of our digital product offerings include the ability to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating. This allows more reach, more accurate targeting and greater conversions at a fraction of your usual advertising costs.


With Trudon you can get a customisable website that is built and hosted within This will give you a presence on the most comprehensive online local business directory in South Africa with over 650 000 unique browsers per month and 72% search to call ratio.

You can also choose to just have a basic business listing on and compliment it with various options like banner advertising on our various business sites.


With Trudon you can make your business part of the most read business and services directory in South Africa. Decide on your level of exposure by choosing from multiple placement and size options.

You can be on the cover or on the spine. You can include logos, photos, colour and QR codes to capture the imagination of the consumer. You can also choose to focus your offering to specialised sections of the book, to maximize your visibility.


By partnering with specialist companies Trudon offers customisable website designs, which allow for your website to adapt to whatever mobile screen it is viewed on.


10-11-8 is Trudon’s operator assisted, electronic business directory. It’s a nationwide service where the search results are available either by type of business, by business name, by business category and location or by business name and location.

Seeing that the site will constantly be updated with new content, Trudon encourages users to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.

With Trudon Business, Trudon hopes to further extend their commitment to the small business owners of South Africa by providing relevant business related content that will add value to business.