Trudon adopts 15 school leaders in Diepsloot and surrounding area

What constitutes school leadership you may ask?

Education is an area of great concern in South Africa, and Trudon as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI), felt it imperative to assist the Department of Education in its drive for improved results. To this end, ADS Consultants have been contracted to facilitate the leadership development process throughout the academic year of 2011.

The project aims specifically on developing both academic and personal skills of the school principals, the school management teams and any teachers of English, Mathematics and Science.

This will be performed through formal courses and workshops, individual coaching and/or mentoring sessions. Life Orientation teachers and their students may well also be targeted in the future with regard to subject choices and career opportunities – this however is something still in the planning stages.

“Our corporate social investment programmes are aimed at supporting projects that contribute towards the creation of a stable and prosperous society. The strategic direction for Trudon’s CSI programmes is to support programmes that are related to our corporate values. CSI has become an integral part of our businesses,” said Lionel Smith, GM: Marketing of Trudon (publishers of Yellow Pages).

“Through the training and development programme of school leadership, Trudon endeavours to close the gap our school leaders are facing in the education sector. The aim of the Adopt-a-School Leader programme is to transform the school principals into leaders who encourage teacher and learner participation and initiatives resulting in strong team work, whilst ensuring that all parties involved contribute to the effectiveness of classroom practices and the management of the school.

We hope and trust that this programme will equip the school leaders with skills that will allow them to be ready to drive business transformation, expand services at their schools and positively impact on the education environment of the school,” said Smith.

Andrew Stead, Director of ADS Consultants, believes that the most important aspect of transforming South African schools is through great leadership. “To achieve the results we want from our schools we need highly skilled, dedicated and goal orientated principals who have the support of the community, Department of Education and society in general. To this end, the Adopt-a-School Leader programme in Diepsloot, initiated by Trudon is truly a great opportunity for the whole community to benefit.” 

Over and above all that has already been mentioned, essential resources may well also be acquired to enhance school performance.

Trudon has decided to target all levels of schools in the area and this includes ECD, primary and high schools. It is hoped that this approach will significantly improve the overall standard of education within a very needy but growing area.

Issued by Trudon Marketing department.

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