Scam Alert – Yellow Pages Email scam

Johannesburg – Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 - An email is currently doing the rounds informing recipients to open up an attachment containing their Account / Statement / Verification details.

The Subject line in the e-mail reads as follows: “CUSTOMER CARE YELLOW PAGES ACCOUNT STATEMENT / VERIFICATION”. Within the context of the email the following is written: “Please download the attached account verification document”.

“This is a scam. Yellow Pages (owned by Trudon) is in no way associated with the email. We urge our customers not to open up the attachment as it contains a virus. Should you open the attachment, your PC/Laptop will be infected with the virus”, says Gisella Vigliotta, Brand Manager of Trudon, publishers of the Yellow Pages.
Trudon will not be held responsible for any damage done to recipients’ PCs/ Laptops when the attachment has been opened. 

Trudon advises anyone who receives such an e-mail to delete it immediately and not to open it. Trudon will never send an e-mail to recipients requesting them to click on an attachment / link in an e-mail to verify their account details.

For further information: 
Gisella Vigliotta
Brand Manager