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Mobile App vs. mini-site

App vs Minisite

Does your business need its own mobile app or a mini-site that is optimised for mobile devices? There are great benefits with both, but it mostly comes down to what you want to achieve with your app/site.

Mobile Apps are great for organising information, navigating through your various offerings, connecting directly with your consumer base and informing them of new products or any specials that you might be running.

Mini-sites on the other hand work well for online shopping, broader searching options and delivering entertainment that is hosted on the Internet.

A mini-site can constantly be updated without any interaction from the user. To update your mobile app the user would have to download the update and install, but because it lives on your phone there is more day-to-day interaction with your consumer.
So whether to go app or site completely depends on your type of business.

Either way, your objective should always be to create a memorable and pleasurable experience. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are developing your mobile experience:

1. Keep It Simple
Help users find what they want in the easiest, fastest way possible

2. Prioritise Content
Show users what they want to see.

3. Make It Well
Provide an experience compelling enough that users will come back.

4. Every Device is Important
Design for Devices and Environments.

5. Don’t Make users Wait
Keep your file sizes small enough to load very quickly.

6. Avoid Heavy Graphics
Don’t lose time to buffering or loading.

Forget the future, mobile is the now.

03_Mobile is the now

However you thought business would be done in the future, mobile technology has come and shattered many illusions for most of us.

Mobile has not just closed the gap between major corporations and up-and-coming SMBs but has also added an unthinkable amount of options and opportunities for the modern small business.

Many SMBs are finding that their smaller size is no barrier to taking advantage of new mobile technologies to improve the way that their businesses are run.

As well as helping them to be more flexible and cut down on costs, being mobile and connected can help them win new business and allow them to compete with larger companies for the same contract. Mobile systems like cloud computing allow SMBs to save money, time and personnel costs.

Employees can share the same applications, information and data online, and collaborate to amend plans or pitches in real time, as easily as if they were sitting in the same office.

On the flip side it is also important to note that, with the great uptake in mobile technology, users are now able to visit your website whenever they need to from the comfort of their phone and one can say that the importance of an optimised website that is viewable on a mobile device almost supersedes the need for a formal corporate website nowadays.

Mobile can enlarge your SMB’s corporate footprint without having to add office space or extra personnel. With the right mobile products you and your employees can grow your business and be more successful.

Get closer to your target market with one of South Africa’s most popular mobile apps

App Banner design_01

In a world that’s becoming more and more mobile centric, Trudon’s Yellow Pages mobile app puts your business right in the consumer’s pocket and right at their fingertips.

By combining the best features of with the latest innovations in mobile technology, the Yellow Pages App ensures 24-hour access to local reliable results.

The Yellow Pages Mobile App SA has been available for iOS and Android devices for several years now, but with recent developments and added features it is now set to become the crown jewel in the Trudon/Yellow Pages range of products.

Apart from all the functions available online, the new and improved Yellow Pages App boasts:

  • GPS turn-by-turn navigation so you can drive right to the business of your choice.
  • A new “Map” tab to discover new businesses via a map view.
  • User accounts that are synced with your web profile.
  • A fresh new look and design features.
  • The ability to share listings via your favourite social media platforms.
  • The ability to sync your Yellow Pages web profile with the app.
  • Improved search result quality, with greater accuracy to region.

With all of these new state of the art features it’s no wonder that the Yellow Pages App was recently voted as one of South Africa’s best consumer Apps. Make your business more visible with our range of Yellow Pages Mobile products.