What’s in a cloud?


In a world that seems to be forever shifting and changing with technological advances and breakthroughs it would seem that cloud computing might just end up being the SMB’s best friend. No longer confined to the IT departments of major corporations and shadowy covert operations, cloud computing has become a very cost effective way to not only give all your employees access to relevant information wherever they are, but also to create a safe remote back-up system for your company files and information.

But why should your SMB consider a Cloud Computing option?

It helps collaboration.

Cloud computing allows for work to be accessed from multiple devices and from anywhere in the world, which in turns makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on shared data.

It can drive better engagement.

By cutting out time spent on maintaining expensive back-office systems, businesses are free to relook their methods of engagement with their customer base.

It’s quicker.

Things happen quicker when everyone has access to all the relevant information to make on the spot decisions. Changes and updates can be made and uploaded in a matter of seconds, which will lead to quicker solutions and resolves.

It’s measurable.

Because of all of the above reasons, cloud computing allows for a greater level of efficiency and increased employee mobility.

It’s up-scalable.

Because cloud space is bought in chunks, SMB’s can avoid a big up-front capital expense, pay monthly and add space if and when they need it.