Trudon introduces new and renewed digital product offerings


Why should you ‘Go Digital’?

A digital media marketing strategy allows you to communicate with an audience without being intrusive.

It allows you to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating. Because of the nature of the medium you are also able to directly target your specified market, making sure that the right eyes are seeing your offerings.

By utilising platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, you are able to spread your message more organically by getting people to talk about your brand. It’s the definitive value-added solution that extends your ROI even further!
Digital marketing and advertising allows you to market smarter, better and more cost effectively. You get more reach, more accurate targeting and greater conversions at a fraction of your usual advertising costs.

Through our exclusive business related website, Trudon Business, you are now able to find out about all of our digital product offerings which include:

Local Offers

The Local Offers platform is an ideal place to, not only attract new clients but also test the various digital advertising options available to an SME. With Local Offers you can display specials, run limited vouchers or coupons and advertise your business across a multitude of relevant platforms. You’ll get statistics on your promotional campaigns as well as monthly calls from account managers to discuss, collect and advise on promotions.


Cloud computing gives SMEs access to new functionality and business features that previously were not affordable due to infrastructure costs. It also provides access to sophisticated technology without the need of an IT consultant or tech worker on the payroll.


E-Commerce in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate. Big and small retailers are expanding their brick and mortar stores online with very positive results and a massive increase in their bottom lines. For any business with an online presence, there is a vast potential for growth within the digital space. You cannot afford not to take the leap and grow your business online.

Search Engine Marketing

This is the promotion of websites or mysites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through Search Engine Optimisation. These include Comprehensive Google AdWords Campaigns as well as budget specific options.

With these digital offerings Trudon hopes to further extend their commitment to the small business owners of South Africa.