Social Media for your SMB: should you or shouldn’t you?

05_Social media business

Social media is critically important within your SMB marketing strategy. With huge numbers of people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook, ignoring social media is not just foolish, but also detrimental to your business.

Social media will help you build customer relationships. Not only will you find many of your existing customers are already on social media, but they’ll also be talking about your products or services. This gives your team a great opportunity to actively engage with your market, announce offers and address grievances. Once engaged with an audience, the feedback you receive can be a valuable tool in helping to develop your products and services.

Providing relevant content through blogging and tweets will spread your name and can increase the level of traffic to your website.
More importantly, this will be traffic that is, in one way or another, eager to find out more about the services you offer or products you supply.

By using social media to create a buzz around your brand, more people will be interested to find out more about you and your services. It helps to helps to keep you in the loop, as well as keep you informed of your competitors’ activities as well as the market in general.

In conclusion a successful social media presence can lead to better search engine rankings, more leads and ultimately more business. Being active and maintaining your social media platforms will also help you win trust and cultivate approachability.

Social media adds an informal aspect to your brand’s personality, and showing that you’re human is incredibly important for SMBs, because your customers want to know that they are doing business with real people and not corporations.

In this sense, SMBs are probably better placed to strike the right tone and take advantage of the benefits of social media, simply because they’re more flexible and adaptable.