An integrated approach to advertising for SMB’s

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The days of putting all your eggs in one advertising basket are over.

Today, advertising your services means creating messages that can span multiple platforms and that can be visible on multiple devices. Whether it’s on a PC or a cellphone, you want your business to be accessible to as many people as possible. Trudon has made great strides in delivering products to help businesses advertise across a wide array of areas.

In digital we have added the ability to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating and adapt digital spaces to reach your specified market when they are unknowingly looking for you.

This allows you to find your target market and market to them in a smarter, better and more cost effective way.

As a web product we now offer customisable websites that are built and hosted within These will give you an online presence on the most comprehensive online local business directory in South Africa with over 650 000 unique browsers a month and a 72% search to call ratio.

In print you can make your business part of the most read business and services directory in South Africa by advertising in the Yellow Pages book.

By partnering with specialist companies we can offer customisable mobile website designs, which allow for your website to adapt to whatever screen it is viewed on.

And then there is also 10-11-8. Our operator assisted, electronic business directory. It is a nationwide service where the caller needs only to know the type of business or service they are looking for.

With all of these tools at your disposal, an integrated advertising approach for your SMB has never been easier.