Yellow Pages is highly focused on mobile as we believe the future of our service offering will be focused around mobile.

Customisable website designed specifically for accessing the Yellow Pages on your mobile phone. We have also partnered with ConnecTo to bring you an added feature that allows you to engage with customers on their mobile phone in a Format Specifically designed for the Mobile User. This is why we offer many solutions in the mobile space, we have apps, mobile sites, responsive design sites, and more. We also offer the latest technology like free turn by turn GPS navigation in our new apps.

Product Features:

  • GPS turn by turn navigation so you can drive right to the business of your choice
  • Maps to discover new businesses via a map view
  • User accounts that are synced with your web profile
  • Fresh new look and design features
  • Add business listing from the app
  • Sync your Yellow Pages web profile with the app's profile
  • Improved search result quality, and accuracy to region

We support feature phone site with our site, and smart phones with our smart phone site.

Mobile Applications for:


A website provides potential customers with relevant information about your business.


Increase visibility with The Yellow Pages classified business listings and in-column adverts.


Trudon offers you a wide range of web-based solutions designed for your brand and budget.