Our association with Google

Trudon has partnered with Google to become the first AdWords Premier SMB Partner in South Africa since 2012. We are able to offer you Google AdWords solutions to optimize your internet ROI (Return on Investment) and help you connect and engage with new and old customers

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program connects experienced AdWords partners like Trudon with businesses that want expert help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns.

What are Google AdWords

Google’s advertising product, which allows you to display your ad at the precise moment potential customers are searching for your products or services. AdWords ads are shown as “Sponsored Links” alongside search results on Google, as well as on hundreds of thousands of partner sites in the growing Google Network. Ads can be geographically targeted and your budget is spent only when someone clicks on your ad.

Google’s advertising network reaches over 86% of Internet users worldwide and can help connect potential customers to your business

How does it work?

AdWords can help your business succeed; however, you might not have the time or resources to devote to building – and regularly maintaining – a successful AdWords account. As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner we help you connect with more customers by displaying your ads to people looking for the products or services you are promoting.

If you don’t have a website to click through to?
• We can create and host a professionally designed website for you.

If you already have a websites?
• We can run a campaign on your website?

With a fully managed service, take the world of search by storm. Attract the right audience on Google and other search engines in a few and easy steps:
1. We conduct research on your industry, suggest keywords related to your business and create your ads
2. Your ads appear on Google.
3. When potential customers search Google using one of your suggested keywords, your ad may appear on the search results.
4. Potential customers can click on your ads to make a purchase and connect to your website.
5. You only pay when customers click on your ads.

Why invest Google AdWords in with us?

• In-depth AdWords expertise:
local knowledge, product expertise and access to Google technology to create high-performing local campaigns. You will also benet from your partner’s strategic relationship with a dedicated Google partner manager who can provides the latest insights in AdWords products and tools.
• Campaign management:
From setup to optimisation, our qualied Search Engine Marketers can help you maximise your campaign’s ROI.
• Detailed reporting:
Detailed performance data regularly delivers key insights into how your AdWords campaigns are performing.
• Customer support:
We are available to help with email and phone support when you have questions or simply want to understand your campaign results better.
• Marketing guidance and support:
We can actively manage your marketing programmes, taking the guesswork out of campaign development and letting you focus on running your business.

Evaluating AdWords performance

• Once your ads are running, we will provide you with regular reports to help you track the performance of your campaign.
• While you should consider the length and terms of your contract, you should also note that it can take a few months to ‘tune’ AdWords to the optimal performance
• These reports will be made available at least once per month, and will show:
• Impressions – The number of times that your ad appeared.
• Clicks – The number of times that users clicked on your ad.
• Cost – The total amount that you spent on AdWords.
Evaluating AdWords performance

Remember that it’s normal for the invoice to be more than the cost of AdWords,
as we are providing you with a value-added service in addition to the cost of your advertising.