Business Partnerships

Trudon continually seeks to leverage any potential to maximise the relationship between advertisers and customers – and a key way to do this is through business partnerships.

The company’s primary mission is to help advertisers reach people – and vice versa – and strategic business partnerships are critical to success in the increasingly complex world of commercial media.

Trudon has already forged a number of successful partnerships and cooperation agreements – and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to get its services and messages to new markets and more users.

The era of any one company owning an entire value chain is drawing to a close. Of course, Trudon is still a clear market leader in the printed advertising directory space in South Africa, but it has also established a powerful presence in digital communications – a diverse and fragmented marketplace that demands new and innovative ways of doing business with other important players in the sector.

Mutually beneficial relationships with other “best-of-breed” companies in the value chain allows Trudon to realise its strategy of being a trusted adviser to the South African public.

The broad spectrum of traditional business partnerships encompasses advertisers and consumers, suppliers and the South African public in general – and we cherish these relationships. But it is in the realm of technology partners that we are seeing exciting developments and new vistas opening up.

Just one example of this was our tie-up with BlackBerry during the 2010 Fifa World Cup, when our “Find And Follow SA” App gave BlackBerry users an up-to-the-minute football news service and a state-of-the-art search capability for all their tournament-related needs.

The marketing and reach possibilities of the likes of Facebook, Mixit, Garmap and Google are being realised for clients by Trudon, while our own Yellow Pages API (application programme interface) “widget” interface is being snapped up by websites for the tremendous search depth it gives them.

Trudon offers potential partners many strengths, including:

  • Strong brands – such as Yellow Pages and the Phone Book
  • Sales capability – arising out of decades of dominance of the sector and enduring relationships with satisfied clients
  • Content – a comprehensive base of advertisers and a renowned ability to aggregate this content.

All partnership proposals are carefully analysed from a value proposition point-of-view and potential partners are scrutinised for their ability to assist us in brokering our advertising content to wider audiences.