Who is Trudon?
Trudon (publishers of the Yellow Pages) is a South African company that delivers the best local commercial search in South Africa as well as affordable, effective advertising and marketing options to the local SME and corporate market. You will know our brands – primarily Yellow Pages – better than our corporate name.

The company’s head office is in Johannesburg and it has six other branches in South Africa and one branch servicing Namibia. The Namibia branch is called TDS Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

The Trudon Timeline
In 1950, Maister Publishing initiated the Yellow Pages business in South Africa and negotiated with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs, who registered the Yellow Pages trademark in South Africa. This led to a contractual arrangement to sell White and Yellow Pages listings on behalf of the Department. Maister Publishing received 25% of the advertising revenue sold in the phone books. The paper, printing and distribution cost of the White and Yellow Pages were paid for by the Department.

In 1987 an electronic service called INFO Electronic Yellow Pages was introduced into the market. This was the beginning of the operator assisted inquiry service better known today as 10-11-8.

In October 1997, Telkom SA bought a controlling interest in Maister Directories (1981) (Pty) Ltd and merged the business interests of the two directory entities to form Telkom Directory Services (Pty) Ltd. An independent company that would publish The Phone Book and Yellow Pages.  The main publishing partner was Truvo, the international directory publishing company based in Europe responsible for publishing directories in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In 2001 Trudon launched www.yellowpages.co.za – the Internet Yellow Pages. We have since then upgraded the website a number of times, with these upgrades we have added features and improved usability.

Telkom Directory Services Pty) Ltd changed its name to TDS Directory Operations (Pty) Ltd in 2006. The name change was the beginning of a transition to separate the publishing company from its parent shareholder and yet still allow benefits from that heritage. Strategically the abbreviation TDS was chosen to replace Telkom Directory Services.

In December 2008 TDS officially changed its name to Trudon (Pty) Ltd. This change was a transformation from being a directory service to an information service provider.

In 2011 Trudon launched the Yellow Pages mobile App. To date there have been over 380 000 downloads. Recent upgrades on the App include mapping features & geocoding.

In 2012 Truvo exited the business and a management-led consortium acquired the 35.1% shareholding previously owned by Truvo. The consortium comprises of management (Executive Committee) and financial investors (RMB Corvest and Trinitas). With our majority shareholder Telkom, and the management-led consortium, we are the dominant publisher of local commercial search and the advertising provider of choice to more than 143 000 companies.

360eight was launched on 1 April 2013. 360eight is an integrated advertising agency that offers Marketing and Communication services to medium to large businesses. Their motto of “creativity born for an integrated world” reflects that strong creative work in the business environment today, is interconnected and thus communicated & executed across traditional Advertising channels, Digital, Web, Social, PR and Strategy.

In 2013 Trudon launched Leads Machine. This subsidiary is primarily focused on providing the SME customers with a full digital offering of services & products. With the constant changes and development of new products in the market place. Leads Machine will ensure that these products & services become part of their offering to the SME market.

In 2013 Trudon also launched HereNow. Herenow.co.za is an infotainment site that allows users to keep up to date with what’s happening in their city. Users can browse the website to discover the best and latest bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment across South Africa. They can also read reviews, rate establishments and share advice about their favourite hangouts.

In 2014 Trudon launched Kompare. Kompare (www.kompare.co.za) is a smart and simple tool to compare prices and sources all the relevant information required for making informed purchasing decisions. Kompare displays information from e-commerce sites, providing users with the ability to compare products and prices across multiple sites, including electronics and electrical products, computers, garden furniture, office equipment and many more. On Kompare users can find information that helps during the purchasing process. Kompare provides the prices of products, technical specifications, customer reviews, product reviews, buying guides and more.