The future of social media marketing

Social Marketing Campaign

Written by: Johann Barnard

Using social media for your marketing sounds like a good idea. Because it is. But keeping up with the latest trends can seem like an unending quest as it’s such a rapidly evolving landscape.

US social media platform The Social Media Examiner conducted a study with nearly 4 000 marketers to find out what they are using, how they’re using it and where they’re focusing their social media attention. Continue reading

Build your brand with these four tips on using video

Build your brand

Written by: Johann Barnard

Video is a growth industry and an opportunity ripe for the picking by brands that have the budget, and balls, to create engaging, interesting content that speaks to their customers’ aspirations and interests.

Brian Holmes, a founding partner of Scarlet Letter, points out that producing marketing videos is cheaper and easier than full-scale television production but still eats into your budget. But by adopting the right content strategy and social media campaign, video presents an opportunity to make a big impact. Continue reading

Six awesome hashtag tips


Written by: Johann Barnard

It would be fair to say that if you don’t know what a #hashtag is that you’ve been living a closeted life. Which is not a criticism, but does indicate that you could be missing out on some powerful marketing reach.

The hashtag gained popularity on Twitter as a way to tag and follow conversations and topics of interest. They’re a great way to build engagement, especially to reach out to users that are not directly following you. Hashtags are now used across all social media platforms, not only Twitter, which is really powerful. Continue reading