Offline and online marketing: what’s the difference?

Offline marketing

Developing a marketing strategy is essential if you want your small business to grow. Online tools and mechanisms have made this more affordable for small businesses, but you’re missing a trick if you don’t align activities across both realms.

An article by Carla van Staden, published by online education provider GetSmarter, offers some tips.

Everything is based on strategy
Carla says that although an online presence is a necessity for any business, successful marketing strategies combine online and offline tactics. Continue reading

Understanding digital marketing

measured and analysed

Written by: Johann Barnard

So you’re considering this thing called digital marketing? You might have heard it’s cheaper than traditional marketing. Maybe you’ve been told it’s the next big thing? Or maybe you’re simply ahead of your time.

The thing with digital marketing is that it’s evolving all the time. Marketers have many decades worth of evidence to explain why certain types of traditional marketing work. Digital marketing is still fairly new, and with new platforms and tools emerging all the time it can be difficult to know where to start.

Two of the most powerful benefits of digital marketing are audience identification and measurement. Continue reading

Understanding your audience

Target Audience

Written by: Johann Barnard

One of the many requirements of a successful marketing strategy is ‘understanding your audience’.

What does this mean? How can you truly know what existing and prospective customers want, and how do you turn that to your advantage? Short of acting like the National Security Agency and monitoring people’s every conversation, email or digital communications, this is an unreal goal.

What you can do, however, is to measure and monitor aspects of your marketing that offer valuable insights into how your messages are received and whether they produce the desired buying action.
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How to: think about your marketing strategy

Think strategically

Written by: Johann Barnard

The key to developing a marketing strategy for your business is having a clear understanding of your business, the need that it satisfies and who’s need you are satisfying.

So says Brian Holmes, a founding partner of Scarlet Letter.

“You may not need to create a vision, mission statement and values statement, but you do need an elevator pitch – the 30-second overview of what your business offers, to whom, and the need that it meets,” he says.
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